3 Effective Methods That Can Keep Pests Away from Your Property

Family at their new home

Any house, whether it’s newly built or pre-loved, will eventually find a happy owner to call it their own. In most cases, these home buyers would also have families that will be living with them as well. Of course, before the new residents can buy the property and move in, everything must be checked so they’re sure that they’re getting a good deal.

Moreover, other elements may be attracted to your future home and we’re not talking about ghosts and spirits, but a more physical and problematic presence — and that is pests. Keep them away from your home with these practical prevention methods:

Catch and Dispose

This method would be the most direct approach to get rid of pests. Setting up traps and laying out pest killers helps keep vermin and pests away from your walls and plumbing.

Before you go shopping for any can of pesticide or pest poison found in most stores, think twice. Be mindful about the ingredients and chemicals that these pest control products have. For homeowners that own pets and have kids, check if your chosen pest-control method has any harmful effects on humans and animals.

Purchase ecological products and nature-friendly brands only. Better yet, hire a professional pest control company in Danvers or anywhere near you for safer and more efficient methods of solving your pest problem.

Cover Up

Licensed home pest inspectorHoles and other openings can be entry points for rats and insects. Take note that if these open spaces are not properly covered, more vermin will enter your home and you would only be aware of the infestation and damage when it’s already too late.

Wood is usually the construction material that’s victimized by these vermin since it could be easily chewed and splintered. Also, pests such as termites can eat through wood, which lessens its strength and durability.

Invite a licensed house inspector to check for the presence of these pests and identify the damages they have caused. Make sure you cover up and repair all broken areas of your purchased property after you get rid of the pests.

Chill and Clean

Your food attracts more than hungry pets and frequent visitors. Leaving uncovered and dirty dishes on tables and counters is like inviting pests over for a party. The simplest way to keep your food safe from vermin is to refrigerate them when everyone is finished eating.

If you need to place food on the table for any reason, keep them firmly covered. Don’t forget to clean the table and counters afterwards since crumbs and food pieces can still attract ants and cockroaches. Most importantly, check for places that can hold water or moisture since these can be breeding grounds for mosquitos and other similar insects.

It’s a delight when relatives and friends visit your home and enjoy themselves. However, this should not be the case for pests since they carry bacteria and diseases. For these unwelcomed guests, make sure that you put into practice the aforementioned pointers just so they stay outside of your home’s boundaries. Remember that keeping them at bay can also guarantee a safer residence and a healthier family.

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