A Guide to Keeping Your Garden Maintained and Beautiful

With the recent pandemic and the weather, you can’t do many things outside currently. Authorities are rightfully strict with their rules, but you do have to tend to your garden.

Now’s the best time to pay some much-needed attention to your garden. You may have neglected it for a few things — a busy schedule, rules, and regulations, or the shops being closed. There may even have been some scheduling problems that stopped you from giving your garden some much-needed TLC.

Now, after the winter break, you should make sure your garden will blossom and bloom like the pandemic never happened. How do you make sure your plants will grow up the right way? Well, it’s a combination of watering your plants, doing correct lawn maintenance, and ensuring that weeds stay away from your garden.

On Watering Your Garden

There’s never any correct way to water your garden as it’s a simple chore, but you should never drown your plant in water. Watering just once or twice a week is best since you’ll concentrate on just keeping your flower beds moist. Always remember that watering plants tend to have more effect when you water at a good time — water during the evening or when the sun is just about to rise.

Remember to remove dead plants and avoid watering dead leaves. This is to stifle any mold or fungus formation, which could easily overpower or choke your plant roots.

On Beautifying Your Lawn

The lawn is considered the ‘first impression’ of the garden. In hot weather, the lawn suffers, but it also suffers during the winter. The best way to promote the growth of your lawn is when the temperature is just right. If it’s around 26C, you’ll have a good-looking lawn; don’t cut the grass too short, though, so that you keep your soil nice and damp.

If you’re going to cut grass, you should do it before the sun rises or if it has barely risen. You should also use an automatic sprinkler to water your garden if you’ve cut it. Program it to sprinkle water sometime during the darkness of the wee hours of the morning to maximize the cold.

repotting plants

On Weeding Your Garden

When weeding your garden, you don’t even have to enlist the help of a gardener. You can ask an arborist for help if you’ve got small trees, but other than that, you can do most of it by yourself. You only need to stifle the growth of weeds for your plants to develop.

The trick to preventing weed from growing is to plant beds in a tightly packed manner. With no space to grow, the weed will fail to take root and even develop. Alternatively, you can also use a mulch to stop its seeds from taking root. Mulch works two ways — it also helps your garden retain some water and keeps your soil moist.

On Buying Plants

Finally, when you have your garden, it’s time to buy plants for it. Choosing the best plants is usually what turns your garden into a place of tranquility. If you buy plants that have diseases, they tend to spread on the entire garden, spoiling what could be a beautiful sea of green.

It’s hard to notice which plants are 100% healthy and which ones are just bad, even for experienced gardeners. The best you can do is to create a list of which plants your garden should have. Once you’ve listed that down, let the Internet help you. Search for images of these plants when they’re at their healthiest, and you’ll have an easier time picking them out.

On Adding Flowers

If you want to, you don’t have to add flowers. They do tend to add color to the green, though, and the best flowering plants help put an accent to your garden. You can’t just add any flowering plant; you also need to choose the best plants that will fit right into your green.

Choosing the colors to add to your garden is like choosing wallpaper for your home. Do you want a unified color palette, or would you like a little more variety in your garden? You can make your garden a chaotic mess, but somehow, a few people manage to pull it off. If you’re not one of them, consider having a theme in mind.

Flowers in your garden and a sea of unified green helps to clear your mind against the pandemic. At any other time, it’s a nice stress reliever and a nice hobby to pass the time. Consider having a clear plan for what you want your garden to look like, and you won’t regret your plant choices.

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