Parenting Guide for Women: Fostering Your Children’s Health and Wellness in the New Normal

mother and child

The fight against the COVID-19 crisis isn’t yet over. While the pandemic is here to stay, we should continue to protect ourselves from the various strains of the novel coronavirus. Most importantly, we should always promote health and wellness.

Sure, children may not be as vulnerable as our seniors and those with underlying health conditions. However, the crisis can impact them mentally and emotionally. As a responsible mother, you must always oversee your children’s overall well-being.

Fret not — we’ve rounded up some parenting tips for every woman or mother out there. That said, here’s how to foster your children’s health and wellness during this pandemic:

1. Continue to provide them with COVID-19 updates

As a responsible parent, you must have educated your kids about the COVID-19 crisis beforehand. Your goal isn’t to scare them but to help them acknowledge the pandemic situation and process their emotions. So while the pandemic is here to stay, continuously give them updates about what’s happening worldwide. For instance, you must stress the importance of vaccination. Let them know that children aged five years old and above can already get vaccinated for protection.

2. Set child health protection measures in place

Child health protection boils down to implementing health and safety protocols. Yes, people have gotten themselves vaccinated and started going outdoors. However, ensure young children stay indoors while teens practice wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding crowded places outdoor. Also, reinforce the frequent hand-sanitizing, constant hand-washing, and health monitoring at home. Your children must have religiously followed these protocols by now.

3. Promote healthy living at home

It’s crucial to understand that health and wellness start at home. As a responsible parent, be sure to set a good example and encourage your children to have a healthy living. Your kids must always eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, stay physically active, and get enough sleep. Even with or without a pandemic, they must practice these health routines. Ultimately, doing so will help them stay physically healthy and mentally stable.

4. Maintain constant communication and regular interaction

As a responsible parent, it’s crucial to maintain open lines of communication at home. Along with this is to allow your kids to continue their interaction with friends and colleagues. Thanks to digital tools and technologies, they can connect with their classmates after online classes. They can also engage with their friends via social media. However, make sure to monitor and regulate their digital consumption. Ultimately, the best course of action is to spend quality time with your children.

5. Allow your children to pursue their hobbies

The pandemic restrictions don’t have to stop your children from pursuing leisure and recreation. They can even start to play outdoors, as the protocols are getting lighter. However, it’s best to introduce your kids to fun and worthwhile activities such as art and craft making, learning digital skills, and even cooking and baking. You can also encourage them to try indoor planting or outdoor gardening. If they love sports, allow them to play in your backyard safely. Ultimately, all these can be good for their physical health, mental wellness, and overall well-being.

6. Practice 3Rs for a safe physical and emotional environment

For children’s health and wellness, the 3Rs stand for three key aspects: reassurance, routines, and regulation. It’s crucial to reassure your kids that they are safe under your wings and that their future is still bright and promising. You also have to establish home routines such as those health practices recommended above. They provide your kids with a sense of safety and predictability. Lastly, you should regulate your kids’ activities and emotional and mental responses. In the end, you must be on top of their overall health and well-being.

7. Seek professional help if and when necessary

Taking care of your children during this pandemic isn’t a walk in the park. As a mother, you may juggle accomplishing your work and managing the household. However, it’s vital to know when to seek professional help for your children. There are instances when you already need health professionals to care for your kids. When they show COVID-19 symptoms, you must rush them to a trusted pediatric healthcare clinic for COVID-19 testing and proper treatment. If they start showing signs of anxiety and depression, consider working with shrinks and getting therapy.

At this point, you now know what it takes to foster your children’s health and wellness in the new normal. Consider the parenting tips recommended above, from providing your children with COVID-19 updates to seeking professional help. As a woman or mother, you are responsible for taking care of your kids, especially during this crisis. With all these in mind, your children will be able to get by and even rise above the pandemic.

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