Proper Care for Your Luxury Wear


It isn’t rare to splurge everyone once in a while, especially if you have been working so hard and happen to run into or earn some extra cash along the way. You can splurge on almost anything, may it be as simple as a delicious meal or as extravagant as luxury wear. Many invest in the latter despite the high price, reasons being that more costly items do seem more rewarding in the end, and they are.

However, as rewarding as these luxury products might be, their initial cost isn’t the only price we pay when we purchase them. Properly caring for these luxury items is a hassle on its own. Since they are costly, you would want to put in extra care to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Finding the right ways to take care of these luxury items can be challenging. But not to worry, listed below are some of the ways you can take care of your luxury clothes, bags, and watches.

Luxury Clothing

Luxury clothing is the most common luxury item people tend to purchase, yet the hardest to care for. Much of popular luxury clothing is often made of delicate materials such as lace, silk, embroidery, and more. Nevertheless, there are many ways one can care for them properly, with a few being:

  1. Know Your Fabric. Clothing comes in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics, and these fabrics often have specific ways they need to be cleaned. Some can be handled harshly, while others need to be cared for delicately. One wrong move and you completely ruin your clothes. It is important to know your fabric and how to clean it properly. You can easily do this by knowing if a particular piece needs to be machine washed or dry cleaned, what the best detergents and dry cleaning solutions for each, and what extra precautions you need to take when cleaning.
  2. Store Them Properly. How you put your clothes away matters. Improper storage can easily stretch-out, stain, and overall ruin your clothes. You must ensure that your closet, hangers, and shelves are always clean and dry. You must also know which clothes you should fold instead of hang. Heavier clothing like sweaters, jackets, and jeans can get quickly overstretched when hung, so it is best to fold them if you want them to last longer.
  3. Wear Them Less. Special clothing should only be for special occasions. The more often you wear clothes, the more likely they are to get dirty, and the more they get dirty, the more they need to be cleaned. Cleaning isn’t always a good thing, since too much can wear your clothes out faster. If you genuinely want your luxury clothes to last long, you should only save them for the most special of occasions.

Luxury Bags

Bags are one of the easiest luxury items to care for since most are made of animal skins that can last you up to 50 to 100 years. However, just because they can last long doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the extra effort. Here are some simple ways to do so:

  1. Use Coconut Oil, Not Water. Over time, most animal skin bags tend to dry out, losing their shine and even flaking off when they get too dry. But you shouldn’t be turning to water to counter this, for animal skin has a porous nature. Using water would only make things worse. Just a drop of coconut oil can easily restore animal skin bags to their original rich and lustrous finish, all the while locking out excess moisture.
  2. Shelf Them, Don’t Hang Them. As much as possible, you shouldn’t be hanging your bags. Hanging them more often can ruin the straps and handles faster, so placing them on a shelf is the better option. However, if you must hang them, you may purchase cloth bags to place the purse in to hang instead. Or you can also get some custom hooks that are made to hang handbags.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches

Watches are one of the hardest to keep clean. Since they are worn on your wrist, they are often exposed to many things. With them being the hardest to keep clean, they are also the hardest to clean due to all the various nooks and crannies. Although you can clean them yourself with a cloth and some soapy water, you may not be able to do so correctly because the material might rust or get scratched. There is only really one way you can ensure that your watch is indeed taken care of properly, and that is by:

  1. Getting It Cleaned Professionally. Though being a bit pricey, having a watch professionally cleaned is always the best option. Only one with the proper tools could get all the accumulated dirt and grime off. However, the recommended time to get your watch cleaned is 4 to 5 years, so in the meantime, that cloth and soapy water will do.

Owning luxury items is very rewarding. If you want to get your money’s worth and keep them longer, looking for the best care methods is always the way to go. All you need to do is research and better understand your purchase; that way, you may better care for it.

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