Spicy and Casual Trends for Spring and Summer of 2021

woman wearing a summer hat

Let’s face it: last year has been a quiet year for the fashion industry, especially when much of the general public are just stuck at home. But in the last few weeks, much of what’s “normal” right before the pandemic hit us is slowly returning to the way that it was. For a lot of people, going out and looking good has always been a form of therapy. This is why, after nine to ten months of just being stuck at home with short shorts, joggers, and plain shirts, people are becoming even more bold and stylish whenever they go out.

You’ll definitely see a lot of large blazers, bold purse bags, and luxurious face masks in the fashion scene in the last few months. Several fashion experts would predict that much of the theme and style for this year will be influenced by certain themes and motifs in the last couple of decades. We’ll be seeing a lot of Euro-centric styles, especially those that are influenced by fashion shows in France and Italy.

In just around two to three months from now, winter will end, and it’s bound to get a bit warmer when spring comes. Then before you know it, it’s going to be summer again. Compared to the fashion sense for other colder seasons, summer and spring will need to be “free-flowing” while keeping wearers a good range of movement for physical activities on the beach or at the park.

This 2021, we’re about to see a wide range of styles, most of which will be reminiscent of previous decades while having that clean and stylish minimalism. Although many of these designs have been juxtaposed with similar forms to previous generations, it has its own je ne sais qoui.

So what are some key trends that we’re about to see in spring and summertime this 2021? How will the state of the world affect these fashion trends? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Blast from the Past

The 90s were known for being one of the golden ages of fashion, with some sexy and sharp unisex styles, sharp lines, and transparent details work in harmony together. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the 90s is definitely making a comeback this year.

In terms of casual urban wear during the summer or spring season, long-sleeved shoulder-padded corporate jackets are great if you’re clocking in the office throughout the day. You can also never go wrong with casual but elegant docker shoes that go well with almost any type of fashion statement and design.

woman wearing a face mask

Face Masks Are Still “In”

During the first few months of 2020, face masks have been growing in popularity, and for a good reason. If most people are required to wear masks every day, why not make it a part of your fashion sense? Masks have been a crucial part of everyday life in 2020 and will continue to be important in 2021. Designers have been showcasing models wearing masks with everyday attires and even bodysuits.

Short Shorts

It wouldn’t be summer if you wore layers of clothes and padded jackets, would it? Short shorts are some of the most iconic summer wear. But for 2021, this will kick it up a notch by being shorter than ever. Some fashion companies have been unveiling short shorts in some of the classics for the summer season. This can range from panties to the high-waste and shorts you can wear in your everyday tasks without getting too much attention.

A Bit of Romance

During spring and summer, things are bound to heat up — and we’re not talking about the rise of ambient temperature. Several fashion giants in the name of Dior and Valentino have been pushing much of the romantic bohemian style in the past few months. These collections are great for springtime. Can you imagine going on a picnic in sprawling grasslands while wearing graceful long dresses with flowing movements? There’s no folklore in sight – just careful free-flowing femininity that needs to be celebrated in troubling times.

There’s definitely going to be some interesting fashion trends for the spring and summer season this year. In the middle of a pandemic, the spring and summer season can be a respite to all of the things that have happened in the last few months.

Most would say that confidence is surging that most of what we consider “normal” will be back to how it was in the latter half of the year. But whether we will unveil much of these fashion trends in face-to-face events or through more digital means, designers are definitely trying to get the best versions of humanity out there. What we need these days is a sense of hope, respect, and friendship amidst times of uncertainty, and fashion is one of the best ways of cultivating that.

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