Three Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgeries

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According to statistics, there were more than 18.1 million cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States in 2019. Around 16.3 million cosmetic procedures were minimally invasive.

This high number of cosmetic procedures encourages people to form their own opinions about aesthetic medicine or cosmetic medicine. These are three common misconceptions about it and why we should start thinking differently.

It’s Only for Women and the Rich

Getting a facelift or other cosmetic procedure is only for women. This isn’t a surprising opinion, not really. Especially so when we take into account the data that the ASPS revealed in their 2019 report. They found that out of all of the patients of cosmetic procedures, 92 percent of them are female. Only eight percent are male. They stated that this percentage is almost the same as the previous year, with only about a two percent increase in the rate of female patients.

We, especially the women, understand why there are more women who go for cosmetic procedures. Many things drive to get body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck or liposuction. Sometimes it’s the standards set by society on how a woman’s body should look like. Sometimes it’s their own insecurities. They want to regain their youth and feel more beautiful. Despite such driving forces on women though, it’s important to remember that cosmetic procedures are not just for them. Men, if need be, can also reach out to medical professionals.

And it’s also good to remember that such cosmetic procedures aren’t just for the rich. Yes, this misconception is understandable. Such cosmetic procedures can be very pricey especially if they’re done by the top professionals in the field. But the recent advancements in medical technology is able to make cosmetic procedures more accessible and affordable for more people.

It Leads to Negative Long-Term Effects on the Skin and Health

Many people might argue that cosmetic procedures do more harm than good. Yes, they lead to positive results. Faces lose their wrinkles. Bodies become slimmer and gain a more attractive shape. But they feel that such results would lead to negative effects on the skin and our health.

For example, many people believe that botox is poisonous and has no business being inside our bodies. This belief is fueled by the fact that botox is a drug that can lead to botulism, which is a form of food poisoning that can cost someone’s life. Botox is made from botulinum toxin type A. But medical experts have explained time and time again that botox is not life-threatening. It’s because it’s only injected in small, targeted doses.

We should also remember that medical professionals spend years studying and training before they could conduct cosmetic procedures. Hospitals and other companies spend money and resources to help develop this field of surgery. They conduct PDO thread treatment workshops for doctors. They invest in high-tech medical equipment. All of these make sure that their patients get the results that they deserve.

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It Just Fuels Vanity and Irresponsible Spending

Many people may argue that getting cosmetic surgeries done to one’s body is unnecessary. If we want to look younger, we should just rely on collagen creams or other beauty products. We should just rely on healthier options such as maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise.

All of these opinions are, again, valid. They are true to a certain extent. But we have to tell ourselves that not everyone’s case is the same. For some people, beauty products and a healthy lifestyle aren’t enough. For some, cosmetic procedures are done to fix birth defects. They go to doctors to help them fix their cleft lips. Some women seek breast reconstruction not because they want to have bigger breasts. They just want to have their breasts reconstructed after having a mastectomy to treat their cancer.

Some people tend to look down upon this medical field. They say that it’s just a waste of money. No one really needs it. It does more damage than good to the skin. While all of these opinions are valid concerns, it’s also important to understand that they may not apply to everyone who seeks cosmetic procedures.

Many people out there are interested in reaching out to medical professionals to do some changes to their faces and bodies. They have varying goals. They want to look more youthful. They want to look more appealing to other people. What matters is that if we want to reach out to a doctor for cosmetic surgery, then we shouldn’t hesitate because of what people might think.

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