4 Common (and Silly) Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid

landscaping in garden

Nobody ever said that the work of landscaping would be easy. For that reason, it often results in mistakes (some even dumber than others) but guess what? It is totally all right and avoidable! From shrub-pruning, plant selection and tree trimming here in Murray, here is a list of some of the most common (and dumbest) landscaping mistakes so that it would be easier for you to avoid them!

Mistake Number One: Pruning the Shrubs At The Wrong Time

Imagine having a line of beautiful shrubs, forsythia shrubs for example, in your landscaping in the hopes of getting the chance even just for a single moment to witness the bloom they provide in April? That is, of course, an excellent choice, and you easily could see that moment.

However, beginners in landscaping often commit the mistake of pruning their shrubs at the wrong time. Failing to prune these beautiful shrubs at the right time could take off the buds that produce those wonderful and fabulous blooms.

Mistake Number Two: Forgetting the Responsibility of Trimming Your Hedge!

When you do it properly growing a hedge on your landscaping could be an excellent way of communicating to your neighbors to stay away from your property, or just simply create a border between parts of your garden from another.

So with this idea, your failure to trim your hedge would result in their extensive growth, and once it reaches that level, it becomes out of your control. If the individual bushes of a hedge are left unattended for too long, they will end up looking … whack.

The solution to this is always to keep an eye on the hedge and learn to shear them regularly. The work may seem like too much responsibility for you, but you also have the option to cleave easier through the use of a power hedger, or a cordless hedge trimmer so you would not have to drag a cord around while you shear!

Mistake Number Three:  Arranging Shrubs and Trees in a Symmetrical Way

Natural stone landscaping in home garden

While arranging shrubs and trees symmetrically can prove to add elegance to the design of your home, they can prove to be very challenging in terms of maintenance. Symmetrical elements for landscaping is usually used in foundation plantings, so when it is exchanged for living plants, it will require extra work.

Applying shrubs and trees in symmetry would always have to be pruned so that they will always grow in sync and will always remain matched. Shrubs placed on the entrances of homes are common, which the owner’s intention is to grow them symmetrically, but sometimes one pair ends up becoming taller than the other, therefore completely ruining the homeowner’s purpose!

Moral of the story: If you cannot commit, then do not do it!

Mistake Number Four: Using Used Tires as Tire Planters in Your Front Yard

In landscaping, choosing the right decoration or ornament is often one of the most critical and crucial decisions you would need to make. It all depends on you, really. If your objective for landscaping is just for the sake of pleasing yourself, then the decision of choosing the right decoration would not weigh so much.

But if you plan on reaching a landscaping real-estate value meant to catch the attention of people and your neighbors, then take some careful considerations! For instance, the use of tire planters is a complete no-no.

Tire planters do not exactly scream “elegance” or fashionable country, so choosing to display them in your front yard might make your neighbors get the wrong idea.

While these landscaping mistakes seem silly, it could not be denied that they indeed happen so watch out for them!

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