5 Tips on Choosing Memorable Wedding Jewelry

Soon-to-be bride about to wear a necklace

Though a wedding dress can be the centerpiece of your wedding day, your jewelry pieces should also get some attention. This is because they can help complete your outfit and make you shine.

When you’re buying jewelry for your wedding from a renowned jeweler in Utah, remember these five tips to ensure that you’re getting the right pieces:

1. Coordinate the Color with Your Outfit

The first step you should take is determining the color of your wedding dress. Many people think that a wedding dress is just white. However, when you start shopping for a wedding dress, you’ll realize that there are several hues available. These include white, ivory, champagne, and blush.

If your gown is white, then your pieces should be either platinum or silver. Ivory and champagne work well with gold. Blush dresses will work with rose gold.

2. Don’t Go Overboard

The important thing to remember about your wedding jewelry is that you should go for the understated look. Too much jewelry takes the attention away from you. Go for a “less is more” approach. Just focus on a body part that you want to get attention and add a few small pieces. The safest thing to do is wear a bracelet and earrings combo, but you can choose to do something else.

3. Think About Your Neckline

Woman holding her silver necklaceDifferent dresses have varying necklines and they can be important when it comes to framing your face. Paired with the right necklace, your face will be the center of attention.

If your dress has a strapless or sweetheart neckline, then you should wear a choker or a short necklace to focus the attention up to your eyes. Your other option would be to avoid the necklace and pick a pair of chandelier earrings so that the emphasis would be on your face. Since the neckline will be the focus of your outfit, choose either a small bracelet or something similar.

V-neck necklines will be better with a choker or a pendant. Similar to strapless necklines, you will want to have the focus on your décolletage. This means you should pick earrings or other small pieces for other parts of your body.

Halter necklines don’t work well with necklaces. This means you will need to favor other pieces, such as hairpins, combs, and others. The focus would be on your face and hair. Bracelets would be another good choice for an additional accessory.

4. Retain Your Style

This is your wedding day, so you want to show something that is yourself. Choose pieces that reflect your personality. If you have a trademark jewelry piece, then this would be a good time to use it.

5. Think Beyond the Wedding

The jewelry that you wear at your wedding will be very special. Unlike other items that you wear, your jewelry will most likely be worn again. This means you should buy quality pieces that you will want to wear for other occasions in the future. In addition, great pieces will become great heirlooms.

With these tips, you should be able to find the right jewelry pieces to complement your wedding outfit. The results will look great and you will feel beautiful on your special day.

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