6 Best Tips to Keep Your Lawn and Landscaping in the Best Shape

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First impressions last. That applies as much to people as it does to their home. After all, your lawn and it’s landscaping are among the first things people will see when visiting. Over time, the elements and weather conditions can degrade the state of your front yard. This makes lawn & landscape maintenance a critical consideration when you think about all that you need to spend in your home.

While many people think that this is a costly affair, that’s only because they likely left the task undone for far too long. If you want to ensure that your lawn and landscaping in the best shape possible, here are six of the best tips you can apply.

1. Weed often.

Keep a constant eye out for weeds. When these grow wild, they can jostle for space with your other flora. This can eventually lead to weeds becoming dominant and choking the life out of your own lawn plants. Simply learning to identify these weeds and conscientiously pulling them out will ensure that your lawn stays fresh longer.

2. Improve drainage.

While it’s important to water your plants, too much water can drown them. If you notice that water tends to pool at certain areas of your lawn and landscape far longer than others, then you might have a problem.

In this case, it’s a matter of improving the drainage of the lawn. You can do this naturally by shunting water away from the area through digging. You can also opt for installed drainage to assist the drainage.

3. Aerate effectively.

Apart from water and sunshine, lawn and landscape maintenance requires the introduction of air into your plants. It’s not enough to expose your lawn to air.

The key to proper aeration is to make holes in the soil around your plants. These natural vents shunt much-needed oxygen into the roots of your plants that will allow them to grow more healthily, look better, and last far longer than you would expect.

4. Mow carefully.

One task many people would be familiar with is mowing the lawn. While most people feel that they know how this is done, there are a few things to do to get it right.

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First, it’s critical that you only mow one-third of the grass you’re mowing. Any more can damage your lawn and landscaping. Second, you should avoid mowing when your lawn is wet and soggy as this can cause even more damage to the roots of the grass.

5. Fertilize properly.

Another critical component of keeping lawn and landscape healthy is to fertilize the ground properly. The best choice is natural organic fertilizer spread strategically over the area at least twice a year. This can be more if your area is often experiencing longer periods of warm weather.

6. Go professionally.

Finally, it’s a great idea to consider going for a professional grounds and lawn care team. They’ll be better equipped to understand the specific needs of your lawn and landscape. This ensures that the care they provide is specifically suited for your lawn. It’s an investment that’s worthwhile because it ensures that you don’t have to overspend on materials yourself.

Your lawn is usually the first impression that anyone — a guest or passerby — will ever have of your home. Keeping it in the best shape is everyone’s priority.

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