A Primer on Starting an Interior Decorating Project for Your Home

interior decor planning

Whether you are remodeling your home or furnishing your very first home, decorating could be an overwhelming project, filled with lots of expensive decisions whose results you’d have to live with. For starters, how do you know which style is the best for your home? Should you go the DIY route or hire an interior designer? How much will everything cost? Before you have a panic attack, however, breathe and read on for tips to help you get started on your interior design project.

Look at Every Nook and Cranny in Your Home

See what you love and don’t love in your home. Do you feel a connection with it or do you wish that you could change it? What about the colors, fabrics, furnishings, comfort, and aesthetics? What exactly can you do without? Analyze every single thing with a critical eye.

Gather Photos for Inspiration

Scour magazines and websites for home design pegs that appeal to you. Even if you plan on hiring an interior design professional to help you decorate your home in Salt Lake City, these photos will help her get a feel for what you want the finished project to look like. Give yourself a couple of weeks or even months to collate your images because what might have appealed to you the first week might look blah by the fourth week.

How Do I Know What I Really Like?

While it’s fine to test boundaries and your comfort level, you probably won’t enjoy a minimalist modern home if you are naturally drawn to the warm and cozy vibe of classic Mediterranean style home. So go with your gut.

person looking at a furniture catalog

Create a Wish List

Writing down everything you want will help you prioritize what you want versus what your home needs. Next, decide which ones you should do now, which ones can wait, and which things are within your budget.

Look Around Your Home Again

Now that you have determined the style you want to go with, write another list of all the pieces inside your home so you can figure out which ones you can keep and which ones can go. Remember that you can repurpose some pieces, stain or paint wooden pieces, and reupholster the fabric of existing furniture.

Do Some of the Work Now or Everything in One Go?

If money is not an issue, then you can do all the work that you want to be done in one go. On the other hand, if you really to do everything all at once but have a limited budget, consider saving up first. If you don’t have the means to tackle the entire house in one go and don’t really need to get everything done in one go, then phase the remodel strategically. Do one space and then move on to another, instead of doing some work in one space, not finishing it, and then doing some work in another space.

Yes, the thought of undertaking an interior decorating project could be daunting. But with proper planning and wise decision-making, you too can do it.

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