How Do Celebrities Go Everywhere?

celebrity getting off of limousine

You must have already learned about the lifestyle of celebs through their social media pages. Now, celebrity lives are open compared to the old days. Today, most stars display their lives publicly to gain followers and monetary returns. Apart from their lifestyle, food habits, and the latest fashion, they also spend a lot of money on travel. It is needless to say that their journey is lavish and Instagram-worthy.

You will hear about celebs celebrating their birthdays and personal events on private islands. However, most airlines do not have regular flights or connections to such off-beat places. You will also find them sitting in VIP lounges at airports and their secretaries getting their boarding passes. Thus, no surprise stars travel in many secret ways.

Moreover, they do not bother about the money. Learn the most common means of travel for celebrities.

Private Jets

The general public has to head to the airport 2-3 hours in advance to check in and get their boarding passes. Moreover, security checks are also quite stringent. If you have ever met any celeb on a flight, you will find how smooth the entire system is for them. They generally have Personal Assistants to look into all such facets of travel while getting a body spa at the airport. Moving on to more famous stars, they have their own private or chartered jets.

You will find them boarding the jets a few minutes before the trip. Additionally, some even fly their planes. Private jets offer unparalleled comfort and luxury that even an A-class flight cannot. Sometimes, top music stars are seen jet-setting across the globe for musical shows. The only option in such situations is a private jet. Thus, it often becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

Cruises & Ships

You will also find some celebs traveling in their ships. Not only are they luxurious, but glamorous as well. Imagine yourself sipping a cocktail, sitting on the deck of a floating vessel. The preference of the rich and famous to sail has seen the sales of such cruises plummeting over the last few years. Celebs feel that if they have a ship, they do not have to prove their status to anyone else. The more expensive the water transport, the higher is the status. That is something most celebs believe.

party at a yacht

You may also find them partying on cruises all night long. They also host their premier show on a floating vehicle. Cruises and ships are known for endless partying activities, food grills, and drinks. You will also catch them getting a dip in the pool, apart from such regulars. Swim, fish, angle, do what pleases you. That is what the celebs are doing today. You may not be able to own one, but you may go for a boat hire overnight option and get the gist of their experiences. Several cruise companies are coming up with such options.

Sports Car

You will simply be awestruck at the number of sports cars celebrities have. Most of these cars are priced at above $8 million. These cars are something you might have only seen in the movies. Moreover, they fly at 200 miles per hour. One of the most famous musicians today travels in a Maybach Exelero. You will surely be amazed to know that there are only 12 such cars in the world currently.

These cars simply fly on the road, the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. You could mistake them for a bird. These cars have the interiors of an SUV and the looks of a sedan. Commoners might be confused about seeing them. However, they are what dreams are made of. It is one of the richest in craftsmanship. Additionally, the stars love to call it their own.

Private Helicopters

Private helicopter rides are just apt for high-flying celebs. If they are traveling short distances, it is their go-to transport. Several actors, directors, and movie moguls own helicopters. Top stars like Beyonce have posted their picture with their beloved helicopters. They are a great way to beat the traffic on the roads. That is why celebs love to travel in them. Most stars have homes with helipads. So, now they can just leave their spa rooms and hop in without lifting to descend the stairs. That is what celeb style is all about.

Now, slowly helicopters are getting commercialized. So, you might find them switching to private planes. However, it is good news for people like you and us. You can book a ride today to travel across the town, but for a hefty fee. Many hilly regions are also starting with commercial helicopter rides. The bird’s view is simply incredible. You will love the aerial views.

That’s all about the luxuries of celebs’ lifestyles and how they travel. Since money isn’t an issue for them, their travel experiences are far different from ordinary people.

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