Let’s Go Boho: Coachella-ready Styling

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We’re sure you’ve seen boho fashion at a particular event; it’s a vibrant, multicolored, patterned mélange of distinctive layers and pieces that you can’t overlook or forget for its originality. The term Bohemian alludes to somebody who is socially distinct and often interested in the arts.

It’s an excellent fashion choice for those who want to play somewhere with visual interest and a laid-back attitude. But what makes boho style so unique and appealing, and how can you get the aesthetic in your wardrobe without trying too hard?

The Essentials: Boho Clothing

Bohemian fashion has diverse cuts, sizes, silhouettes, and various fabrics, designs, and styles. It generally focuses on natural materials, typically embellished with elaborate details like frills, lace, embroidery, and floral arrangements. It also goes from delicate fabrics like cotton, flax, and chiffon to more robust leather, fur, and suede.

Whatever fashionable boho items you choose, balance them off with more contemporary, neutral, or pastel pieces to get a more balanced but still comfortable and free-spirited style. Below are some other tried and tested elements to incorporate in your personalized boho-style fashion.

Tassels and Fringes

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Footwear, skirts, handbags, coats, shawls, and tops all include these accents. Bracelets and pendants are embellished with lucky charms. Feathered accessories, coin bangles, and shell necklaces are popular boho style must-haves.

Meditation Beads

When it comes to styling, people with a Bohemian aesthetic and flare are making mala beads or accessories more of a fashion piece. Many wear them as necklaces, with the tassel hanging low. Others match it with a shorter chain or even a choker for a better appeal. However, the traditional way to wear them is on the right hand, as you would on a bracelet.

There are several guidelines to follow if you plan to wear these beads. For instance, it should never touch the ground. Several people claim that you might feel its energy flowing when you wear these pieces with your gemstone jewelry.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Bohemian style is famous for its relaxed and comfortable fashion sense. In that case, fitted garments, miniskirts, and rigid styles are not appropriate for the occasion. It would help if you attempted to seem calm and easygoing in long, flowing shapes. Think gypsy dresses and long skirts. Unstructured tunics and oversized shirts are also lovely choices.

Flea Market Items

Flea markets are where you’ll find the finest bohemian-style discounts. The proponents of the hippie style are firm believers in reusing and recycling to preserve the environment. As a response, seek second-hand clothes in flea markets in your neighborhood if you want to be a natural Bohemian at heart rather than merely making a fashion statement. You’ll not only uncover fantastic vintage items that are excellent for layering, but you’ll also be helping the environment.

Natural and Eco-friendly Finds

Apparel is among the most significant invaders of the environment. Thus, it would be best to consider the environmental effect of your clothing while making your style decisions. Synthetic fibers, such as spandex, nylon, acrylic, and polyester, should be avoided at all costs. According to statistics, millions of micro-plastics from synthetic fabrics are flushed into the sewer system and possibly damage the ocean.

So, choose natural, cruelty-free materials like wool and ethically produced plant fibers. Organic is the essential term here; although cotton is a natural fiber, it is a pesticide-intensive product that uses many resources and harmful colors and bleaching to process.

Crafted Jewels

Avoid purchasing mass-produced ornaments from giant companies. Instead, choose handcrafted and locally sourced items created by experienced artists, in line with the style concept of supporting local handicrafts and artisans.

For example, you can wear terracotta and shell ornament made by Bengal artists, bamboo and coin layers made by artisans in the northeast, and Karnataka’s unique bangles.

Bags and Pouches

To pull together an easygoing style, you’ll need a Bohemian handbag or tote. Choose between an enormous fringed hobo, a distressed leather cross-body sling with fringes, a giant floppy purse, or a traditional canvas messenger bag.


Stylish hats will assist you in channeling your inner badass. Wear a cowboy hat, a lovely floppy hat, or even a fashionable fedora atop your loose wavy tresses to complete the appearance. Tassels, charms, or patterns on the headband of hats with a Bohemian vibe will give authenticity.

The Bohemian aesthetic, which is famous all over the globe, has taken on a new form: boho-chic. Nonetheless, this fashion has always been about feeling free in most aspects, including the mind, body, and soul at its core. What makes a difference is that you express yourself by looking and what you enjoy.

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