Compact Living: Reasons to Date at Home

couple eating pizza and having wine at home

For many people, an essential part of any romantic relationship is dedicating time for taking their partners out on dates. They reserve tables in restaurants, buy tickets to movies or concerts, and even go out of their way to give presents to each other. Often, there’s not just a lot of time involved, but a large amount of money as well. You can try saving some cash on your dates by merely staying at home and doing most, if not all, of the activities involved there.

Saving on Gifts

What is spending special time together if you can’t give each other a gift or two? But you have to admit, going out to, say, a mall makes you spend a lot more than what you’ve planned to. Staying at home for your date lets you be more creative with your gift as well as your budget. You have more time to think about it, and you’re not pressured into doing something you’re not prepared to do. For example, you can order simple drink sets as gifts for your partner who loves alcohol instead of going to a bar and spending a ton of cash there.

Saving on the Place

Looking for the perfect venue for your date can become expensive and exhausting and even leave you a little unsatisfied depending on how the date turns out. When you stay at home for your date, you can change the place to however you want it to be like. You can make your own choices for various elements such as music, scents, and lights. It’s possible to set the table uniquely, even with only your plates and cutlery on hand.

Saving on Meals

home cooked mealIf you try to compare it, the food that you order at restaurants is much higher in price than the raw ingredients for those same dishes combined. So if you want to save on money, you can take the time to shop for ingredients and cook them yourself. Your partner will appreciate the extra effort that you put into the meal, and even more so if you make it delicious. You can also use your shopping and cooking time as a time to bond.

Saving on Other Activities

On a regular date, you won’t just stop at eating out. You’d probably go somewhere else to do other activities, such as watching a movie, play, or a concert. If you don’t have much to spare, then you might be forced to limit yourself and end up being disappointed. Staying at home doesn’t mean that you can’t do these activities either. Let your resourcefulness take over and find something for the two of you to do. For example, you can watch a movie online, start work on a project together, or take a peaceful walk around the neighborhood.

Staying at home for your date doesn’t make it any less unique than going out for it. It can make the whole affair even more personal because of the extra effort that you have to make. The date that you’ll have can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best part about it is that you don’t have to spend as much money on it.

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