Curating Your Aesthetic: Lifestyle Websites to Visit

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Aesthetic is defined as an approach to selecting things pleasing to the senses. In terms of lifestyle, it is described as your personal taste—from the style of clothes you wear to the brands you choose to support.

There is a misconception that a personal aesthetic is reserved for the younger crowd or those without the lifestyle and responsibilities of working women. There is nothing farther from the truth. Finding your personal aesthetic doesn’t have to take months of your time. Most people are already aware of their preferences; it’s just a matter of curating aspects and styles and form them into something more cohesive.

Many websites and blogs have amassed followers and visitors in recent years because of their content. The sites feature a range of topics, from personal experiences to product guides for specific items, that you can use to make sense of your personal aesthetic. Visit and review them to figure out the things you naturally like.

Lifestyle and Fashion is an online marketplace that carries clothing and home accessories from local craft makers, artists, and designers throughout Arizona. Owned and operated by a group of women, the boutique aims to promote handcrafted goods to a wider audience.

Curating your aesthetic includes aligning your core values with those of the brands you choose to support. Local Nomad is an example of a business that has its advocacies at the center of its operations.

News and Politics is an online publication under New York Media, the publishing group behind The New Yorker. The website covers several topics, including style and culture. But it has gained its readership through its articles on politics and current events. The Cut is a good starting point in finding out how your personal politics and beliefs play into your lifestyle choices.

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Career is a career site exclusive to women. It provides job postings, career coaching, and professional advice for a wide array of industries. Career Contessa is a good platform for you to find your dream job. Your career plays an essential role in your aesthetic. It empowers you and gives you the independence to pursue other passions. Most of all, it provides you with funds to support your desired lifestyle.

Culture and Community is a new media publication that aims to amplify the voices of women and non-binary people of color across the globe. It addresses inequality and misrepresentation, providing a platform where marginalized communities can freely share their personal experiences. Your personal aesthetic is often influenced by the culture and community you grew up in. Gal-dem provides a source of different perspectives, expanding your world view.

Finding and honing your personal aesthetic is not a process you can achieve over a weekend or in a month. It is a continuous undertaking that shifts with new discoveries. By identifying the building blocks of your aesthetic, whether it’s an overarching concept or a list of your role models, you create a guide that will help you in curating your preferred lifestyle.

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