Four Ways to Achieve a Perfect Smile

man smiling while at the dentists

Most people assume that the perfect smile is the epitome of beauty and wellness in Hollywood and prints. Although this may undoubtedly be true, having a white smile doesn’t always mean that it’s free of any gum disease and cavities.

So, if you’re after a beautiful and healthy smile, it’s always best to manage your oral health as if you’re taking care of your skin. Together with gentle preventative care and prompt treatment for early signs of oral problems, you’ll achieve that beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted to have.

Always prep your teeth

Cleaning your teeth through brushing and flossing is crucial in preserving your smile. That’s why it’s vital to get your teeth camera-ready, especially before the shoot. You can try using a whitening product or visit a dental expert if your teeth have turned yellow due to age. They can also help you with correcting any cracked or broken teeth to fix your smile.

Aside from your teeth, it’s crucial to manage your gums, too. Although it may look as if they’re not unimportant, your gums play an essential role in having a picture-perfect smile. So, always try to keep them in good shape by brushing, flossing, and rinsing using an antibacterial mouthwash daily.

Get on a white-teeth diet

What you eat can show up on your pearly whites. If you love red wine or black tea, people can tell by just looking at your teeth. The same effect happens when you smoke cigarettes, too.

Other foods and drinks that can show up on your teeth include gravy, sodas, and even dark juices. So, if you feel that what you’re drinking will potentially stain your teeth, then you might want to brush your teeth immediately to prevent your gold-plated dental braces¬†from getting stained. It’s best to stay conscious about the foods and drinks you consume and have them only when you have your toothbrush.

Hold your toothbrush as if you’re holding a pencil

Do you brush your teeth as if you’re cleaning a car? If so, then there’s a big chance that you’re brushing your teeth excessively. Contrary to what many people believe, brushing your teeth with force isn’t the best way to get rid of plaque.

To do it the right way, you need to ensure that you use your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle that goes to the opposite side of your gums. Then, move it in a gentle circular motion to get rid of all the plaque and dirt. You need to ensure that you grip your toothbrush the way you’re holding a pencil so that you can guarantee that you’re not scrubbing your teeth too hard.

woman at the dentists

Gargle with alcohol-free mouthwash

Almost every over-the-counter mouthwash out there has excessive amounts of alcohol in them. Thus, causing them to dry the tissues in your mouth and make you more prone to bacterial infection.

Additionally, a couple of studies also show that excessive use of mouthwash that contains alcohol increases the likelihood of developing cancer. So, it’s best to check the mouthwash’s alcohol content before using it. Doing so will help prevent getting your gums dry while cleaning your oral cavities at the same time.

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember when maintaining your teeth. It’s essential to keep them clean at all times to prevent any oral health problems from occurring. You can consider visiting a dentist to monitor your oral health, too. Doing so will help check on any potential teeth problems before it gets any worse.

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