Generate Buzz for Your Non-Profit Through Social Media

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Online marketing has evolved over the years because of both updates made by search engines and consumer behavior. Businesses are no longer the only ones that can use digital advertising to reach their respective audiences, non-profit organizations can leverage the same strategies.

Experts from a non-profit digital agency in Los Angeles cite the best practices to achieve goals of organizations in this industry.

Story-Based Marketing

Simply promoting your cause online will not get it the traction you are looking for. Many are looking for stories they can relate to, authenticity or pull at their heartstrings. Story-based marketing is now at the forefront.

This approach lets you create a narrative around your organization and the causes you like to promote. At the heart of this story is the emotions you want to elicit from those who consume your content whether it is a video or a long blog post.

Use images, videos and music that draw the feeling you want whether it is empathy or happiness. This strategy generates interest around the cause you are fighting for.

Interactive Content

Person reacting to a postThis type of content requires the full attention of visitors instead of the usual reading or watching. Actively engaging them will not only pique their interest but lead them to actions you want such as signing up for volunteer work or donating.

You can add a call to action button on your website or social media pages to elicit the response you want. You don’t have to make new posts all the time to interact with your audience, here are some ways to engage them:

  • Start a question and answer session on Instagram or a livestream network you use. This allows you to directly interact with your intended audience and tell them more about your organization and objectives.
  • Start a poll on Twitter or a survey on Facebook. Focus the topic of both about what you want to do and how your audience can participate. You can also ask what causes your readers follow to get an idea of how you can engage them.
  • Ask your readers to share a story about participating in one of your events and post it on their social media profiles.

Find Partners

Strategic partnerships are important to the success of your organization. You don’t have to carry the burden all the time. Find influencers in your network and use their distribution channels to reach a wider audience that fits your target market.

Find them by reviewing hashtags often used in your circle. Review their profiles and determine if they fit the mold of the message you want to convey and your organization’s values.

Once you identify the ideal influencers start a partnership. Create content together and agree upon a number of posts or hashtags used for the planned campaigns.

These social media strategies will strengthen online marketing and allow you to build a strong Internet presence. Doing so lets you engage your audience and elicit the emotions and responses you want from them, and generate interest around your cause.

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