Parenting 101: How to Get Your Kids off Their Gadgets

woman teaching kids

Kids grow so fast. It seemed that it was just yesterday when you carried them in one arm. Before you know it, they will be flying out of the coop. You should make the most out of your time together.

With the Delta variant looming over us, the government might not lift all restrictions. But this does not mean that you and your kids will miss out on the fun. You just need to use your imagination. You might think that there is nothing left to do at home. Think again! Here are some new ways to bond with your children:

Make a Kingdom

You can take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book and make a fort. Her four kids made one out of cardboard boxes. This activity will be fun if your kids are still very young to help you build a tree house. The cardboard castle can also replace a tree house if you are living in an apartment.

You can take your little adventure one step higher by incorporating a little treasure hunt. This is a good way for you to take a little time out during your bonding. Your children can look for the hidden items while you finish some chores. Another twist on this activity would be historical reenactments. If you have kids who have high energy, you can channel their enthusiasm by organizing this fancy charade. You can present your little drama in front of loved ones.

The Nerdy Arts and Crafts

You can ask your kids to join you for your arts and crafts project. Your family can create matching accessories such as father-and-son dog tags.  But you can skip all of these games and do something more educational.

Instead of doing those cute arts and crafts projects, you can experiment. A fun way to get your kids acquainted with chemistry is to create slime. You’ll be astounded at how much your kids will like the idea of creating fiery red dragon poop or glittery phoenix gunk. You could also introduce your kids to physics with this experiment. You and your kids can simulate the egg drop activity. You and your children will create a parachute for the egg with the use of everyday household items.

Another nerdy activity would be birdwatching. Before starting the activity, you would have to dress the part by wearing green camouflage. You also need to remind your little ones to be quiet while observing the birds so as not to scare the winged creatures away.

kids drawing

Not So Boring Board Games

The sun may have already set. But it does not mean that the fun has to stop. You can play scrabble. This game is an excellent trick to get your older children to work on their vocabulary.

Scrabble is a fun way to bond as everyone can join in the fun. Another educational distraction is the monopoly board game. This is a pleasant technique for introducing finance to your kids.

When playing monopoly, your little ones will understand that it is important to always have cash handy. They will also understand the virtue of patience.

Garden-to-kitchen-counter Experience

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat broccoli? If this is the case, why don’t you allow them to help you prepare the food? When we say to prepare the food, we mean having your kids plant the vegetables, harvest them, and cook the produce. This process will give them a better appreciation of their food.

You should choose plants that require less maintenance. Doing this will ensure that your children will not find themselves disappointed because the plants died under their care. Snap peas can be a good choice for your kids. They will thoroughly enjoy the experience of seeing their snap peas germinate after ten days.

They can also try their green thumb with radishes, tomatoes, and pumpkin. When harvest time comes, they will proudly show off their produce. They will also want to try their hand in preparing the food. They would most likely be the ones to serve the food to your family.

There are many fun things for you and your little ones to do at home. They do not have to spend their entire time facing their gadgets. They will not only enjoy these activities. But they will also learn something from them.

Getting your kids to join you in your chores and make a fun game out of the tasks will help you bond. The lessons that they will learn will last them a lifetime.


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