Law of Attraction: Getting the Right Man Into Your Life


They say love is like a drug, and being in love is like being a drug addict. Sounds weird right? But before you ever react, hear this. A 2010 study done at Rutgers University pointed out that all the happiness and contentment associated while being in love is not so much different from those feelings experienced by a drug addict. There is that euphoric release associated with the release of key brain chemicals dopamine and adrenaline. Small wonder people want to be in love.

But why is it that no matter how many times you felt this way about your past relationships, it always ends up in a breakup? And the countless efforts you gave still did not guarantee the happy ending that you want. It seems that you always attract men that are either emotionally unavailable or just plain toxic that could not follow their promises. Truly, it can be exhausting, so much some are taking it to the extreme.

Well, don’t give up hope just yet. Finding the right one does not always mean you have to be perfect like all the romance films you see in cinemas. Certainly, there are things that attract the right men into your life. For starters, how you project and carry yourself is one. If that has you startled, read on to learn of key takeaways to help you attract the one into your life.

Like Begets Like

As working women, we have many responsibilities in our lives. And sometimes we forget that there are more things in life than our jobs. If you want to attract your man then the Law of Attraction should help you make it happen. In simple terms, the law states that like begets like. You attract people into your life who are like you.

So loosen up and take a break. To attract your significant other to your life, you need to start with yourself. Sounds conflicting? Not really.

Let’s start with looks. If you want a man who is the epitome of a man’s good grooming, then you should make it a priority to look good too. Going to hair salons and looking at your best only means not only helps boost your confidence, but you will also be the apple of the eye for men who put a premium on dressing well and appearing elegant.

So if you want someone who is free-spirited, then you should be adventurous yourself. Do spontaneous activities and hobbies that you enjoy the most. Think positively and you attract positive people to your end.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who radiates happiness in doing the things she loves. And yes, you never know you might meet the man of your life when you least expected it.

Ask Yourself and Make the Right Decision


Sometimes, what we decide is best for us does not mean that we want it. More than anything, do not be swayed so easily by men’s pick up lines and devious efforts. Be more self-aware.

And that means you have to reflect and ask yourself what kind of man would you want in your life. You’re definitely beyond crushes and infatuation; we are talking about someone you want to share the rest of your life with. Learn to talk with yourself about it.

Your introspection should help you understand yourself better. And in time, assess what your true feelings are.

Have a Higher Standard

While many may think that having a high standard is not ideal when you want to find a relationship, it’s not always the case. Rather, it allows you to finetune your radar. You are not looking for just anybody here; you’re on the prowl for the one. So when a good-looking but alcoholic man is pursuing you, you may have to stay away from him.

It’s simple. And that’s the power of setting your standard.

When you develop a standard when dating a man, it is easier to avoid toxic relationships. Go through your past experiences and learn from them. So that you will not experience it again. Do not be so hasty just because you need to fill that void in your heart every time you are single.

Have a More Straightforward Approach

Time is precious. The longer you spend time with someone not worth spending time with, the more time you waste.

So cut to the chase. You are doing him a favor. Indeed, being upfront when figuring out a man works and saves you the heartache. In a lot of ways, dating is like a job interview. You are the employer. The faster it takes for you to know if he’s the right fit, the better.

Don’t be afraid to ask about a man’s career goals. It is a way to start a natural conversation. It’s more like a stepping stone to more personal questions. Then, if you want someone more comfortable when discussing their future, then you should be open to date number two.

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