Puppy Care: What You Need to Know When Adopting a Puppy

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Puppies are fragile creatures, and many people tend to forget this before adopting one. They require much attention and care, especially during the first few months of their adoption. You must gain the necessary knowledge before you choose to adopt one.

We all love puppies. We love them so much that the US has the most dog ownership globally (about 69 million). This number is expected to grow significantly as more people adopt puppies into their households. So if you’re thinking of the essential things of taking care of a puppy, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things you need to know before you adopt your puppy.


A dog can be a lifetime partner, and it can protect you from all sorts of invaders. They are also great for playing pals. Additionally, they can be there for you when no one else can’t. They are great friends and guardians, making them worthwhile pets to have. But you have to get them to that point of maturity.

Remember, having a pet is a lifetime commitment. It’s a commitment quite similar to having a child. It’s no easy task, but it’s very rewarding. So ask yourself first if you’re ready.

Choosing the Right Pup

Choosing the right puppy isn’t as vital as everything else on this list, but it can make a difference in your lifestyle. Certain breeds have unique traits, so choose one that fits your lifestyle.


Compared to adult dogs, puppies are very energetic and explore the world with their mouth. However, they aren’t timid and can’t be trained to behave until a couple of months into their lives. So prevention is better than waiting for a time when you can train.

Puppy-proofing can protect your pup as well as your home. There are many electrical wires that puppies love to nibble. Hanging pieces of cloth can also be harmful, especially if there’s a pot or vase on top of it. Remember, anything that a pup can pull down. They will pull down. Additionally, loose doors can lead to outdoor disasters. These are just some things you need to check when puppy-proofing your home.

For your home’s safety, make sure that your pup can’t reach anything easy to destroy, such as pillows. You can’t avoid scratching and bite marks on wall corners so prepare a budget to fix that later.

You technically can’t puppy-proof every corner of your home. Just be patient with them, and pay extra attention to their behavior to ensure that both your pup and your home are safe from each other.

Pup Supplies

Your puppy will need supplies, and it’s better to stock up on them right now before you adopt one. It’ll save you the hassle later down the line. Here are some pup supplies you’re going to need:

  • Puppy food
  • A six-foot leash
  • Collar with either a bell or ID tag
  • Metal bowls (especially for bigger breeds)
  • Dog toys

Having these supplies ready will save you a trip to the pet store for at least the first few months of your pup’s life. Additionally, it will ensure that your pup can live a comfortable life once they get inside your home.


Moving is a part of our lives, but having a pup means that you need be extra cautious with the move. If you’re planning to move across the country with your pet, you have two options: keep them in your personal vehicle or use a professional pet moving service. Remember that your puppy is susceptible to parvovirus, especially if they haven’t been vaccinated yet.

Ensure That They Get the Shots They Need
vet loading up syringe with needed vaccination for dogs

Your pup will need many shots growing up, and you must get them all of these shots. The most essential is shots against parvovirus.

A pup requires at least three anti-parvovirus shots before they can have immunity against such a disease. They need further shots in the future to stay protected from the virus. However, this isn’t the only shot your puppy needs.

Other shots include DHPP shot and rabies shot. The latter is mandated by law in some states. These states will also require you to have a license on their collar if you walk outside. You can’t get this license if you’re dog isn’t vaccinated. Furthermore, taking your unvaccinated dog out for a walk can get you in trouble with the law.

So here are the essential things you need to know before adopting a puppy. You must know these things beforehand so that your pup can live a long and healthy life.

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