The Perfect Gifts for the Women Who Work From Home

woman working from home

There was a time when we all dreamed of working from home. Before the pandemic, we were begging and cajoling our bosses to allow us to work from home or a coffee shop somewhere because life in the office tends to get boring and monotonous. But when the pandemic happened, and we were forced to work in the comfort of our own homes, we realized that this was not the kind of setup that we wanted. What we want is the chance to work from the office or home whenever we want to. We want the freedom to choose where we want to work.

Studies showed that women are more stressed than men when it comes to working from home. They have to do the household chores and work at the same time. They have to help the kids with their homework while also meeting with clients. Multitasking is affecting the quality of their work and performance. Many have become less productive at work now that they are operating from their homes. Instead of being able to do more since they do not have to commute to and from work, they do less. And instead of having a more balanced life, there are no limits to when they work and spend time with the family.

So now that it’s almost the holiday season, it’s time to think about the perfect gift for your female friends who are working from home and trying to balance home life. Whenever you think of what items to give, always consider what will provide them with comfort while at home. This way, your gift will be truly useful for your loved ones.

Comfy Set of “Work” Pajamas

Gift shops will have some comfortable sets of pajamas to sell. Why? It’s because whether you are working from home or not, a good set of silk pajamas is something everyone wants to receive. Don’t all people deserve to sleep soundly at night? More than anything else, work-from-home employees need a good night’s sleep because they have to face a relentless slew of personal and professional concerns every day. And a good set of pajamas can actually go from bed to work. Your colleagues¬†wouldn’t even notice that the silk blouse you are wearing is actually the top of your pajamas.

mom working from home

Warm Moccasins

The best part about working from home is you don’t need to wear high-heeled shoes. Women love their high heels, but they’re not exactly fans of how painful they are on their feet and legs. Good moccasins are warm and fluffy on the feet. They have durable outsoles for those quick trips from the kitchen table to the bedroom. They also come in several colors, so pick your loved one’s favorite color.

Lap Desk

When you are working from home, you don’t always have to stay in one spot. You can bring your laptop outside for some sun. This is why a lap desk is one of the best gifts because you can bring it anywhere and give yourself a new work environment. Make sure to look for a lightweight lap desk with a fan so you will be comfortable. Many of the lap desks available in the market come with a media slot, adjustable bolster, and ventilation. Once you are finished working, fold the desk and store it under your bed or in a closet.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Working from home has its advantages, but it also comes with drawbacks such as dogs barking, children running around, and neighbors mowing their lawn. All of these will distract you from what you actually need to do. So, what should you give a mom who is at home trying to juggle household chores and working? As long as there’s someone who’s going to take care of the children, she needs a set of noise-canceling headphones to avoid the distractions and focus on their work.

Work-from-home Organizers

Just because they work from home doesn’t mean they don’t need to get organized and plan their days. In fact, it is harder for work-from-home mothers and wives to make plans because they are tied to both their work and household chores. Giving them an organizer or planner is an excellent gift because it shows that you understand and realize that contrary to what others are saying, it also takes a lot of effort to plan their days ahead.

While there are surely many advantages of working from home, it is not a perfect setup for women who have to struggle with a lot of things at home. So why don’t you focus on their needs now that it’s the season of giving? Thinking about their comfort, first and foremost, is already a great gift, so what more if you give them something they need for work?

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