Relocating with Your Pet: Keeping Them Calm and Relaxed

While many animals don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone by exploring the world around them, some animals have their territory and “comfort zone.” In most cases, pets and domesticated animals will usually have a designated living space that they’ve known throughout the majority of their life.

But there will be times that we’ll need to move out for another location. Of course, we’ll need to take our pets with us, especially when no one can look after them. Whether it’s traveling for work, school, or just for a vacation, our pets can give us much-needed company. However, this process of moving out can be stressful for pets, which can cause a great deal of anxiety for them.

Cats and dogs are known for getting easily stressed out because of unexpected events and activities at home, especially visitors. They can also get anxious when they are placed in an environment that they are not familiar with. Moving in with a pet that’s anxious about their environment and stressed-out is not an easy task and will usually take a great deal of patience.

But contrary to what most people think, there’s no one “correct” way of solving such an issue. Although, there are various solutions in keeping your cat or dog calm while you’re on a long road trip to a new home. So what are some ways to keep your pets calm and free from anxiety while you’re in-transit towards the new location? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Placing Your Pet In Your Vehicle

If you’re planning on moving together with your pet, you should use a vehicle that you’ve been using for a long time. If your pets are already familiar with your car, then they should at least feel some comfort. You can always place your cat or your small-sized dog on a carrier.

When it comes to larger dogs, you’ll need to place them in a kennel in the back part of the car. In some cases, you might want to put a blanket over them.

Professional Help

dog in a car

If businesses revolve around helping individuals move their furniture and belongings from one location to another, there are also services that help move pets. If you have too much on your plate at the present moment, you might get stressed out if your pets get too restless. The best way of making the relocation process easier is by having your pet transported by professionals.

Fortunately, there are cost-effective dog transportation services that are known for their affordable rates while professionally handling pets. These services will focus on a pet’s health, comfort, and, most importantly, their safety. Compared to the usual way of transporting furniture and objects through the use of large trucks for cargo, especially during interstate travel, the vehicles used for these services are specifically designed for dogs. If you’re a cat owner, there are also a variety of services that cater to felines and other types of pets.

Are you worried? Well, you shouldn’t be since many of these vehicles are equipped to maximize the comfort of pets.

There are a variety of reasons why you should “ship” your pets:

  1. If you’re flying to a specific part of the country, there’s a chance that the airline might not accept a particular breed of dogs and cats.
  2. You’re moving due to a business venture, and you don’t want to get distracted by your pets.
  3. The delayed time when you’re traveling could be stressful for your pets.
  4. You’re planning on having that pet shipped towards your location.

Take It Slow

Finally, when your pet has arrived at your new home, you’ll need to take things slow with them and let them orient themselves in their own space. Before this does happen, you will need to ensure that every piece of furniture around your home is already in the right place. By setting up everything, your pets won’t get too stressed out seeing you zoom back and forth to get things done.

You might want first to place them in one location of your home so that they’ll have a waypoint when adjusting to their surroundings. Once they’re changing, you can give them attention and introduce some objects they’ve had at their old home, like toys. After all, they’ll need to feel at home!


Pets are quite emotional, and most can sense if their owners are being stressed out. That said, you will need to stay calm under such situations. Although they might be stressed at first, they’ll eventually get used to their new environment. You’ll need to give them time and space to re-orient and familiarize their new territory and living space.

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