Socially-Distanced Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Year

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The new year is here, and unfortunately, the global pandemic still has no signs of letting up.

With restrictions tightening and so many travel plans, gatherings, concerts, and festivals cancelled, everyone struggles to keep themselves busy and sane during these difficult times. It might feel like you’re running out of ideas on ways to have fun, and you might be wondering if 2021 is going to end up like 2020. But don’t go cancelling 2021 just yet. We’re here to give you some cool activities you or your family can try to make the most out of the new year!

Go on a Day Trip

Day trips are fun and quick getaways that anyone can enjoy without worrying about being in contact with other people for long periods. There are two ways you or your family can do this:

Take the Scenic Route

Going on long drives on a scenic route will give you a chance to get out of the house and appreciate the beauty of nature without having to leave the vicinity of your car. Play your favourite Spotify playlist, listen to an audiobook, or play some word games with your family while you’re on the road.

Going to Open Air Spaces

Outdoor spaces are safer to visit compared to indoor spaces. While indoor spaces lack ventilation and make it harder to social distance, outdoor and open-air spaces give you more room to stay 6-feet apart (or more). Some good places to visit include parks, beaches, and hiking trails. As long as you avoid crowds and everyone you’re with has practiced social distancing, doing outdoor activities in these spaces like hiking, kayaking, or even camping, can be a low-risk activity.

Take a Virtual Vacation

If COVID-19 cancelled your travel plans last year and the thought of leaving your home these days is less than pleasant, try going on a virtual tour around the world! You can enjoy this activity within the comfort of your home. Choose a country or two that you’d like to visit, plan activities, and even make meals and drinks associated with the country you’ve chosen! Plus points if you curate your own OOTD for when you have the chance to go to those places in person.

If you don’t want to center your theme around countries, you can pretend like you’re going on a beach holiday! Play some music, prepare some tropical fruits, and do a beach-themed photoshoot with the family. Posing in your favourite two-piece bikini while the kids strike wacky poses in their colourful, liberty-themed swimwear will definitely make for a good family photo and a unique one at that! You won’t even have to worry about photobombers in the background.

Go Golfing

Golf courses are huge, which naturally keeps you at a distance from other golfers. Avoid sharing carts with other golfers, or if you can, opt to walk to the next hole rather than take a cart. While the sport does take a bit of time, stay socially distanced, and you’ll be able to enjoy your game, soak up some Vitamin D, and maybe get a hole-in-one while you’re at it!

Golfing is still a social sport, so if you’re the type to golf with friends and get drinks afterwards, maybe skip it for now unless you can find an open-air space where everyone can stay 6-feet apart.

Work Out

If you’re a gym buff, you know that working out in your home isn’t the same. If you’re itching to go for a morning jog, grab a mask and do some light jogging or walking. Do your more stressful workouts indoors because heavier workouts paired with mask-wearing isn’t a good idea. If you’re planning to do a light workout outside, make sure to bring an extra mask in case of sweat and saliva, as it can attract more bacteria. Like most activities on this list, this is a low-risk activity as long as you keep social distancing in mind. If you see someone coming towards you, find a way to avoid them, like crossing the road or moving away.

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Another way to avoid contact with others outside is to plan your route ahead of time. Go for routes that will keep you from running into crowded areas, or try to start your work out when there are fewer people outside, like early in the morning or late in the evening.

Whatever you choose to do this year, make your safety and the safety of your loved ones and those around you a priority. Remember to follow the health and safety regulations in your area: wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and avoid long periods of contact with other people. Don’t let the pandemic take control of your life, and make the most out of this year by doing what you love while keeping yourself and others safe!

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