Staying Healthy: Summer Activities You Could Still Do in Lockdown

working out

You might still be in lockdown, thinking of things you didn’t get to do during the summer. Though you could blame it all on the pandemic, you don’t need to stay on your couch and binge on your favorite television shows. You can still do a lot of summer activities without having to leave the confines of your home.

Here are some summer activities that will make you feel that summer is not only a season but an experience that you could create in your home.

Stretch and exercise to build your beach body

You might not be going to the beach, but you can still use your days in lockdown to build the perfect beach body you’ve always wanted. Do that cardio exercise you’ve always wanted to do, and build up the abs you’ve always wanted with some push-ups and dumbbell lifts. If all of that makes you tired, why not choose yoga and pilates for a more relaxed approach to your fitness goals? At least when you get out of lockdown, you’ll look healthier and happier.

Make grooming a goal

Staying in isolation and lockdown might make many people think that grooming isn’t essential, but you could make grooming a part of your daily activities. You could cut your hair or create different kinds of hairstyles if you have longer tresses. You could also shave your legs or use a bikini line whitening product so you could wear your summer shorts and bikinis when you feel the day is getting hotter.

Get a tan

Who says you could only get a tan on the beach? You could still get the kind of bronzing you want on your backyard, garden, or even rooftop. Put on your bathing suit, sunglasses, SPF protection, and you are all set. Just make sure to spend the right amount of time under the sun so you won’t get a sunburn. The best and healthiest time of the day is between 10 am to 4 pm, but it all depends on your location. But make sure you’re up and ready when the sun is up.

Start a garden

woman in her apartment

What’s summer without a little green? You can start growing a garden in your property, whether it’s inside your house or in your backyard. Choose plants that are easy to grow, such as tomatoes, celery, and lettuce. If you prefer flowering plants, choose zinnias, pansies, and marigolds, as they are easier to cultivate and grow.

Play with your pets

Build a play area where you can teach and play with your pets. If you have a dog, it is essential that they have this daily exercise, and doing it with them is a bonus. If you have cats or other kinds of pets, you can groom them, clean their living areas, or spend some time feeding them. Summer won’t be complete without taking your pets for a short walk or playtime!

Spend time in the water

So you might not have a pool, but if you have a bath or an inflatable pool that you could buy online, you could spend some time in the water, relaxing under the summer sun. Make some piña coladas, bring your favorite book, and wear your most flattering swimwear. It could be in your backyard or bath, but anytime you are relaxing in the water is time well spent for your mind.

You might be stuck in lockdown or isolation, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget summer fun and activities. You can still do it, and with the help of modern technology, you don’t need to do it alone. If you decide to do any of these things, document them through your phone or social media so your friends and family know you’re making the best of your time in your summer lockdown.

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