The Best Colours to Cover the Grey or Silver Hair

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As we get older, our body goes through many changes, from getting your first wrinkle to your hair becoming grey; it’s inevitable. Just like how machines need to have a change of agricultural machinery spare parts once in a while as it becomes worn down, your hair may turn grey early on if you regularly bleach your hair or have a vitamin B12 deficiency, making your dull, brittle, and grey.

However, regardless of age, greying hair has most men and women running to drugstores and buying any box dye remotely matching their hair colour. But that isn’t the best choice as some hair colours may contain chemicals that can wreak havoc on your hair.

To ensure you cover up your greying or silvery locks, here are the best and safest shades that can cover up your hair and make it look naturally beautiful.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights are excellent cover-ups if you’re not too keen on having your whole hair dyed. That’s because the difference between blonde and silver shades are subtle, making your grey roots not be as visible. Plus, when you get highlights, it allows your colourist to target greying patches, treating the most stubborn strands.

If you don’t mind the silver hair but don’t want it to stand out, you can go for soft silver. When you do this, you’re covering greys by getting them blended away while leaning into a natural greying process. Plus, silver shades are one of the hottest hair trends this year — allowing you to embrace the change with style.

Ice Blonde

If your grey is more of a ‘silvery’ variation, going icy blonde can guarantee stray roots are visually undetectable. This shade is best for individuals with lighter hair undertones, creating a seamless blend and making your hair shimmer and become more vibrant.

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Subtle Lowlights

If you’re not a fan of having your hair wholly dyed and don’t want to take locks lighter, adding a few lowlights can disguise your low-level greying hair while adding a volume boost. This method works by carefully picking out grey strands and colouring them in a shade that’s two to three levels deeper than your original hair colour.

Warm Brown

If you have black or dark brown hair, grey strands create a stark contrast against your natural hair colour, with silver sparkling brighter than those who are blonde. If you’re looking to preserve your original hair colour, go for a warmer undertone such as chocolate or golden brown to make your complexion glow more.

Radiant Red

If you have red hair, you may notice your locks fading lighter more as it loses its pigment over time. If you’re looking to bring back your luscious red locks, going for mahogany or cool copper shade should be your go-to. If you choose mahogany, have your colourist apply it all over your hair to cover up each grey strand and make your hair look extra radiant. You can also add copper highlights on top of the white pieces or intertwine between them.

If you’re looking to conceal your silver or greying strands completely, choose a permanent dye with an excellent grey cover, such as the ones mentioned, helping your hair look and stay young while adding more vibrancy to your locks.

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