Types of Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminum window frame

Various features and technologies make windows more aesthetically pleasing, durable, functional and most of all energy efficient. As such, when selecting windows for your structure, ensure to consider factors such as the frame materials, spacers, gas fills, and glazing or glass.

By boosting thermal resistance on your frame, you significantly contribute towards overall energy efficiency in your structure. Aluminium is strong, lightweight and requires minimal or no maintenance.

This makes it suitable for the construction of an aluminium frame glass house. This article highlights various categories of aluminium window frames and their suitable applications.

Sliding Frames

Sliding aluminium has remained a significant feature in Greek home designs. They are mostly used in massive housing structures where saving available space is of utmost priority.

These structures include tourist accommodations and apartment blocks. They require minimal movement space, and they easily accommodate insect nets, glazing, and exterior side-roller shutters.

Hinged Window Frames

This category owes its popularity to its robust security features and efficient thermal insulation. They suit your aesthetics requirements as they are available in various types and multiple designs. They easily accommodate externally installed roller shutters, glazing or the ordinary shutters.

This category enjoys a huge market share, particularly in single homes. They are also suitable for use in special buildings particularly the ones that require the replacement of their old wooden frames. They are flexible enough to accommodate various mechanisms and accessories for special requirements.

Fixed Frames

Living room lighting

If natural lighting and unobstructed view are your primary priorities for your structure, then this frame type is the way to go. It is also an excellent choice for special purpose permanent partitioning of your large spaces such as stores or halls.

They are quick to install, and they offer excellent function. You can use them in fanlights, facades, glass panels, and kiosk divisions.

Special Construction Frames

There are various situations where you need to install specialty materials for your special structures. Some of these applications could be solar roofs and skylights, aimed at increasing light to a particular space.

Modern aluminium development technology allows engineers and architects to plan bigger and more lit openings in structures. This is without compromising on the strength, thermal insulation, sealing properties, modern aesthetics, and functionality.

The primary concern of most greenhouse owners is to spare even the smallest available sunlight. To achieve this, your structure must meet all the required standards for good performance, thermal insulation and most importantly sealing specifications.

For that reason, it is only aluminium special construction frames that can meet architectural requirements.

If you wish to incorporate accessories such as roller shutters, special attention should be paid when selecting. These are majorly divided into two categories namely fixed and top mounting options.

Fixed shutters are mainly made from metallic profiles and are best suited for use on metallic or hinged window frames. Top-mounted shutters, on the other hand, are best suited for use in old structures where wooden rollers are being replaced.

Upon addition of extra mechanisms, these rollers can be motorised or remote controlled, making the operation of your aluminium-framed structure easy.

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