Weddings 101: 3 Important Suppliers You Should Know


So, you’ve already said “yes” to the marriage proposal from your man. Congratulations! You’re now on your way to your Happily Ever After! But before you get there, of course, you have to say “I do” first in front of all the people who matter to both you and your man. So, are you ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams?

For those of you ladies who are very much ready, you can begin with getting to know the important suppliers or vendors—or you can even call them partners—who’ll help you make your dream wedding come true. Check out some of them below.


Ten, 20, or even 50 years down the road, you’d surely want to look back on and relive your wedding day. And this is what wedding photographers and videographers are for. These vendors will capture the special moments of your wedding and present them in a creative way that’ll remind you of all the romance and promise of your big day. Depending on the wedding photography and cinematography packages you choose, you’ll have photos and videos of memorable moments—from the beautiful ceremony and festive reception to your first kiss, first dance, and all your other firsts as husband and wife—that you’ll get to treasure for a lifetime.


table in wedding receptionYes, your wedding is for you and your man, but it should also be about your guests, so make sure they’ll have a good time at your wedding. You can do this by serving them great food, which is where a caterer or food supplier comes in. When choosing one, it is best if you’ve already tried the caterer’s food—maybe at another event or at a wedding tasting—to ensure that what they offer truly passes your standards. Apart from food, however, be prepared to also discuss with your caterer chair and table setting, including linens and centerpieces, as some of these food suppliers take care of such details as well.

Wedding dress consultants

Like it or not, you—the bride—are the star of your wedding, and this means you better be the most beautiful woman with the most beautiful gown on your big day. A wedding dress consultant should help you achieve this. Whether you buy a ready-made bridal gown or have one specifically designed for you, your consultant will help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of wedding gowns—silhouettes, fabrics, sequins, etc.—and ensure you get the wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed of. A wedding dress consultant will also help you pick out accessories that best complement your bridal gown.

An Exciting Time in Your Life

Accepting the proposal from your very own Prince Charming and then having the wedding of your dreams—with the help of your trusted suppliers, vendors, or partners—will prove to be a fascinating time in your life. However, keep in mind that what comes after you say “yes” and “I do” is what really matters because this is when your Happily Ever After truly begins.

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