Who Needs a Man? 4 Outdated Ideas about Women in Society

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It seems that the fight to create a better world for women is far from over. Even after getting the right to vote, run for office, own property, and perform jobs previously reserved for men, society still reeks of sexist ideas about women. The problem with the most difficult ideologies to overthrow is that they’re often embedded in people’s subconscious. Older adults are especially prone to making comments and taking actions with sexist undertones, and millennials are left groaning in disapproval.

Maybe you haven’t noticed it in your life or career because you’ve been forced to accept them as normal. There’s even a chance that you believe them yourself. If you’re wondering what these specific ideologies are, you better read on. You might be surprised at how many you’ve fallen victim to.

Baby-making Machines

It’s normal to hear mothers tell their daughters that when they have their own children, they should do this and do that. Many girls grow up believing that it’s their destiny, which leaves others who cannot or do not walk that path feeling like they’ve strayed from their purpose.

Just because women have wombs doesn’t mean that they’re baby-making machines. Childless women aren’t inferior to their peers. The stigma is so strong that many influential women have spoken up about their choice to be child-free. Among them are actors Jennifer Aniston and Helen Mirren, and author Emily Griffin. Not having any children is not a betrayal of your destiny, but just another choice in your life.

Careful with that Hammer

Yes, women can build houses, cars, and spaceships. In fact, women have. People will always tell you to look for a man to help you with your home repair because they’re so much better at it. This is such a prevalent mindset that it’s exactly what you do.

Why not dare yourself to be your own handyman? If you’re facing a huge home renovation, get as involved as you can. What kinds of light do you want? Are you going to take the environment-friendly path? Learn as much as you can about barnwood plank flooring and its benefits. Purchase it yourself and be there during the installation. When you invite your friends over, you can brag about your use of salvaged wood and the new skills you learned.

Disqualified due to Motherhood

It’s an unfortunate thing that happens: women get disqualified for promotions or certain leadership roles because they’re mothers or might be. It’s a wonder why men are so bothered by women’s wombs. They’ve probably never heard of mothers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve in the United States Supreme Court. They’ve probably overlooked New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, who thinks being a mother while serving in the government is “beautiful.”

They’re not the only women to have achieved an impressive work-life balance, and they certainly won’t be the last. Companies today need to have a more valid reason if they want to disqualify women for certain positions.

Hormone Overload

Some do not even discredit women for their wombs, but for simply having hormones. It’s an uneducated mockery given that all humans have hormones, and men are especially prone to imbalances as they age.

But there persists an outdated idea that women are unreliable especially because of their menstrual cycle, and their leadership will likely be chaotic because of their mood swings. One of the most recent and popular examples of this is when Donald Trump implied that Megyn Kelly’s anger was due to her menstruation. While women can experience increased irritability before or during her period, it’s crazy to invalidate her emotions by blaming it on her monthly flow.

Women are Fighting Back

Scroll through social media long enough, and you’ll inevitably come across women teaching other women how to handle these situations. If you’ve been disqualified, discredited, and made to feel worthless because of these sexist ideas, then know that you don’t have to settle.

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