Your Quick Guide to Setting Up an Independent Online Magazine

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Online publication is the new norm today, thanks to the Internet. A big fortune can be found in the new vehicle of advertising. What’s great about online publication is that it allows everyone to produce and broadcast their content. However, there’s one mistake that many newbie online publishers commit when it comes to this: they think that it is always easy. They believe that posting random bits of content is already publishing, whereas journalistic styles and integrity are still necessary or required.

The same thing still rings true for an online fashion magazine. While you can freely express your style and critique trends, you still need to follow a specific format. There will always be rules to follow. Do not worry as you can sometimes disregard them once you get the hang of them and you are confident that you already know them by heart. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up an online fashion magazine:

Create a Theme

Your website should have a theme. This is a tricky part as the theme will heavily depend on your target audience. Who’s your targeting? This is the first question that you need to ask. This should encompass the age bracket and lifestyle of your prospective readers. More importantly, you need to find out their tastes and aesthetics as your content will depend on them. Regardless, your theme should be simple enough to understand but attractive enough to capture attention. The theme should be visible in your branding, tone and imagery.

Use High-quality Photos

You are running an online magazine for style, so you can only expect that you are offering visual presentations. With that, you will need to use high-resolution photos. This is especially needed when you are partnering with brands to promote clothes, shoes and accessories—all these things need to be eye-catching. With this, you might need to work with a reliable company offering photo retouching services.

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Form Sections and Columns

You might already have a target audience, but keep in mind that your group has segments that still have different tastes and aesthetics. You will need to please them, of course. You can have a section tackling outfits of the day or a column about giving style advice. You can come up with a column where you can have some paparazzi shots of celebs and influencers that have captivating looks and ensembles.

Be Engaging

Your online magazine should have an engaging voice and tone. This should be reflected in your campaigns to attract people. That means you will need to work with reliable PR and advertising agencies. For one, you can have a fashion show in partnership with brands; your followers can attend this type of event. On top of these events and other marketing projects, you need to have a responsive community management team.

In the end, setting up an online magazine is not always easy. However, if you have a roadmap, you can make things much easier and efficient. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you feel uncertain.

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